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Recently we find there are some unqualified cabling system products with UL logo printing in American Market, the UL file number is E342503, the export trader is ADTEK(ShenZhen). And UL certification shows the products are manufactured by Sur-Link.

We checked this with UL company, and from the UL report, we are informed that ADTEK had appointed Sur-Link as its manufacture base when it applied its UL certification.
Thus we solemnly declare here:

We had never apply UL certification with ADTEK (SHENZHEN) and never granted ADTEK to use our company as its manufacture base:

1. We don’t have any cooperation with ADTEK.
2. We never supply the patch cord with UL certification file number E342503 to ADTEK, and we never supply any other products to ADTEK either.
3. We had made an apply to UL company for repealing the irresponsible UL certification which had issued to ADTEK, we disclaim all responsibility for bad consequences caused by the irresponsible UL certification.

This is ILLEGAL, DIRTY and UNFAIR business behavior, ADTEK cheats and offends not only Sur-Link, but also their Clients.
ADTEK should stop this cheating action right now and make formal apologize to Sur-Link.
We will keep all right of suit to protect our legal rights in this issue.
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