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Attitudes Determine The Destiny The Training For ?°

Organized by Human Resource Department the training for ?°Construction of Attitudes?± was held at the large conference room at 4:00 p.m., August 31st, Ms Xu from the IC business Center conducted the training.

The major contents Ms Xu told us including the importance of changing attitudes, the ten major points to shape the good attitudes and so on. According to the ten major points she also interspersed with some active and interesting stories to enhance our impression, and make us to think deep how to be an excellent employee.

The soldier who doesn??t want to be a general can??t be a good soldier. Being an excellent employee need us to work with boss??s attitudes, always learn and try best to cooperate with others with the long-time sight .Only in this way can create the Win¨CWin situation between company and the employee.
1Attitudes Determine the Destiny The Training For ?°
2Attitudes Determine the Destiny The Training For ?°
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