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CEO Training in Tsinghua

Sur-Link group CEO Mr.Cen has finished this time??s Tsinghua CEO Training and got back to ShenZhen on May.27. Mr.Cen  said he has learnt a lot during several days?? training, walk on the green-grassed road of Tsinghua University, step into the capacious college building, and lean together with the young gawsy Tsinghua students, Mr.Cen has felt deeply the full-bodied Tsinghua atmosphere.

I have learned the most knowledge from this training during these little days. It greatly activates our thought, widens our international insight. It??s not only a place to bring up first-class students, but also a good place for the current enterprisers to share the managing experience. About one hundred students from all over the country have attended this CEO Training; they are all CEO or GM of the famous enterprises of China. During this training, we established good relationship, and share the successful managing experience, also solutions to solve some problems in company daily running..
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