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High Accuracy With Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing

Photon Control Inc. announces development completion of a next generation of fiber optic temperature sensors having superior capability. The new sensors provide absolute accuracy of 0.05??C over a temperature range of at least 100??C. This accuracy represents a ten fold improvement over Photon's current FluoTEMP temperature sensors. "This will be the most accurate fiber optic temperature sensor on the market today," explains Daryl James, Product Development Manager. "We have advanced our technology to the point where we can now compete with high-precision industrial RTD's and PRT's. A further achievement is that these sensors are now three times faster than before. They will measure temperature changes at a rate greater than 50??C per second which is not achievable in any competitive products and which is required for monitoring of the processes of making next generation of semiconductor products."

Photon Control also announces the completion of a compact, rechargeable, handheld fiber optic temperature measuring instrument. The device is based on a pocket PC which provides very wide capabilities of storing data, transferring it through a fast USB port and displaying on a color LCD. The device along with high accuracy temperature sensors will be demonstrated at the Annual Meeting of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine in Berlin this month.
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