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  • Mobile Receiver Design Increases The ResolutionMobile Receiver Design Increases The Resolution2007/08/14When compressing a video sequence, modern techniques achieve high compression ratios by removing image details (high-frequency information), producing a degradation of the decoded image. This degradat...view
  • A Markov Game Approach To Cyber SecurityA Markov Game Approach To Cyber Security2007/08/13Cyber attacks (CAs) have generally been one-dimensional, involving denial of service (DoS), computer viruses or worms, and unauthorized intrusion (hacking). Websites, mail servers, and client machines...view
  • Tribunal Thwarts Vodafone Subsidiary Tax HopesTribunal Thwarts Vodafone Subsidiary Tax Hopes2007/08/09Vodafone has had its hopes dashed of securing a swift resolution to its dispute with the UK authorities over a potential ?ê2.5bn tax bill.A London tribunal on Wednesday turned down Vodafone??s attemp...view
  • Telstra Makes Cautious Call On 2008Telstra Makes Cautious Call On 20082007/08/06Telstra, Australia??s largest phone company, said its 2007 net profit rose 2.9 per cent, helped by strong mobile and broadband sales, but it offered a cautious outlook for 2008, sending its shares dow...view
  • Bot Armies: An IntroductionBot Armies: An Introduction2007/07/31Botnets or ??bot armies?? are large groups of malicious software, remotely controlled and operated, that can launch multiple penetration attacks and lead to massive denial of service (DOS) or similar ...view
  • High Flux LEDs Enable Novel Light Sources For NighHigh Flux LEDs Enable Novel Light Sources For Nigh2007/07/26Under well-lit conditions, photopic vision, mediated by cone cells, allows color perception by the human eye. In dim light however, the eye switches to scotopic vision, which, mediated by rod cells, d...view
  • Fast Display Mode Using A Novel Liquid CrystalFast Display Mode Using A Novel Liquid Crystal2007/07/25A mere 34 years following their appearance in wristwatches and calculators, liquid crystal display (LCD) technologies now find commercial application in 100-inch TV screens. The displays have obviousl...view
  • National Medals Of Science And Technology To Be AwNational Medals Of Science And Technology To Be Aw2007/07/24The National Medal of Science honors individuals for pioneering scientific research in a range of fields, including physical, biological, mathematical, social, behavioral, and engineering sciences, th...view
  • An Optical Chip That Spatially Separates WavelengtAn Optical Chip That Spatially Separates Wavelengt2007/07/17A conventional planar grating spectrometer consists of a sophisticated arrangement of optical components and is rather large. To reduce the size, various micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) fabrica...view