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  • Measuring The Spectral Emissivity Of RocksMeasuring The Spectral Emissivity Of Rocks2007/07/13Typically the Earth's surface emits electromagnetic radiation in the thermal infrared (TIR) interval of 3-14??m. This radiation contains much information about the land's physical and chemical propert...view
  • Connected Morphological Operators Improve Image ClassificationConnected Morphological Operators Improve Image Classification2007/07/10Image classification is an active area of research with many applications, including content-based image retrieval, object recognition, and surveillance. Images can be classified based on the presence...view
  • Avago Technologies Closes Acquisition of InfineonAvago Technologies Closes Acquisition of Infineon2007/07/06Mobile Device Technology to Its Polymer Optical Fiber Group Business Editors/Technology Editors SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 2, 2007--Avago Technologies today announced that it has closed i...view
  • Broadband Optical Amplification On A Silicon ChipBroadband Optical Amplification On A Silicon Chip2007/07/03Chip-scale photonics are becoming increasingly promising for replacing some of the copper interconnects in conventional microelectronic chips for applications that require low power and high bandwidth...view
  • Canadian Government Authorizes New SatellitesCanadian Government Authorizes New Satellites2007/06/26The Canadian government awarded satellite operators Ciel Satellite LP and Telesat Canada a total of 12 licenses to develop new communications satellites, the government announced June 13. Ciel, which ...view
  • Optical Design & EngineeringOptical Design & Engineering2007/06/18First theoretically investigated by Russian physicist Victor G. Veselago some 40 years ago, left-handed materials (LHMs), in which the real parts of the permittivity and permeability are simultaneousl...view
  • Corning Signals Fibre RevivalCorning Signals Fibre Revival2007/06/18Corning said on Wednesday it would partially reopen an optical fibre manufacturing plant it had mothballed five years ago, amid signs of the most significant revival in demand for the material since t...view
  • LCD TVs Turn Corning Into Big-screen StarLCD TVs Turn Corning Into Big-screen Star2007/06/18As companies in the flat-screen television business struggle to maintain profit, Corning, the US company that supplies most of the specialist glass for these products, has looked on with satisfied det...view
  • Optical Signal Is Coupled Out Using Fiber GratingOptical Signal Is Coupled Out Using Fiber Grating2007/06/11The development of high speed optical telecommunication systems has been driven by a need for bandwidth. Currently, the main focus is on getting fiber into metro and access networks and to individual ...view