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  • Introduction To Fiber Optical ProductsIntroduction To Fiber Optical Products2018/10/03According to the difference of optical fiber transmission point modulus, fiber can be divided into two types, Single Mode Fiber(SMF)and Multi Mode Fiber(MMF).Multi Mode Fiber adopts the light emitting diode (...view
  • The Main Function Of The FaceplateThe Main Function Of The Faceplate2018/09/30The main function of the faceplate is to fix the module, protect the cable at the information outlet, which acts as a folding screen. Information faceplate is not the main component that affects the p...view
  • Functuions Of Distribution FramesFunctuions Of Distribution Frames2018/09/27The distribution frame is the most important component in the management subsystem and the hub connecting vertical and horizontal wiring of the two subsystems. Distribution frames are usually installe...view
  • Connection Modes Of Wiring FramesConnection Modes Of Wiring Frames2018/09/24The management subsystem consists of cross-connected and inter-connected wiring frames. The wiring frames can be connected by cross-connection and inter-connection, which allow positioning of communic...view
  • Types Of Wiring FramesTypes Of Wiring Frames2018/09/21Modular wiring frameThe modular wiring frame is the most commonly seen and used. Its front panel is an RJ45 interface, each labelled with a number for easy identification. Its rear panel is a wire mod...view
  • Electronic Wiring FrameElectronic Wiring Frame2018/09/18The traditional wiring systems can only rely on the manual updating of the management records. Therefore, changes in equipment and connections are often difficult to transfer into the management docum...view
  • Network JumpersNetwork Jumpers2018/09/15The network jumpers can be divided into super five unshielding/ shielding jumpers, six unshielding/ shielding jumpers, and super six shielding jumpers.The function of network jumpers lies in connectin...view
  • Functions Of JumpersFunctions Of Jumpers2018/09/12Common jumpers include computer board jumpers, fiber jumpers, and network jumpers.The jumper is the metal connection wire between the two demand points of PCB. It's used for the transmission of the sa...view
  • Single-level Jumper And Channel-level JumperSingle-level Jumper And Channel-level Jumper2018/09/09Differences between the single-level jumper and channel-level jumper:The difference value between the two jumpers in test parameters including the return loss and near-end crosstalk is over 5 dB at h...view