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Connection Mode of Patch Panel

The management subsystem is composed of interconnect, cross-linking patch panel. The connection mode of patch panel can be divided into two types, one is to connect with each other, the other is cross-linking. Cross-linking and interconnection allow the location of communication lines or claws to different parts of a building. In order to manage the communication lines more easily. It can be easily plugged in a mobile terminal. The different patch panel connection way, the equipment used is often different.

ⅠConnect with each other.

The so-called interconnection refers to the information socket connected to the workroom at the end of the horizontal cable, the patch panel connected to a distribution line at two ends. It is the way of connection between a patch panel and a network device by means of a soft wire.
The front panel of the patch panel used in the interconnect mode is usually the RJ-45 port. Therefore, Use RJ-45-to-RJ-45 to plug soft wire between network equipment and patch panel.

Ⅱ Cross-linking

The so-called cross-linking, the cross installs two patch panels in a horizontal link. Including, one end of the horizontal cable is connected to the information socket of the workshop and the other end is connected to the distribution rack between the distribution lines, the network device is connected to another patch panel by plugging in the soft wire. And then, two patch panels are connected through multiple soft wires to facilitate the management of network users.
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