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Connection Modes Of Wiring Frames

The management subsystem consists of cross-connected and inter-connected wiring frames. The wiring frames can be connected by cross-connection and inter-connection, which allow positioning of communication lines in different parts of a building, so as to realize easy communication wire management and convenient insert and withdraw at the mobile terminal ends. Equipment varies with the connection mode of wiring frames.

1. Inter-connection

The term "inter-connection" refers to a method in which a horizontal cable end is connected to an information outlet of the workplace, with the outlet connected to a wiring frame of the wiring room and the wiring frame connected to the network device through network wires.

The front panel of the wiring frame in the inter-connection is usually the RJ-45 port. Therefore, an RJ-45-to-RJ-45 patch cord is used between the network device and the wiring frame.

2. Cross-connection

The term "cross-connection" refers to a connection mode in which two wiring frames are installed in a horizontal link. One end of the horizontal cable is connected to the information outlet of the workplace, while the other is connected to a wiring frame in the wiring room. The network device is connected to another wiring frame via a wire. Then, the two frames are connected through multiple wires, thereby facilitating management of network users.

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