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Electronic Patch Panel

Traditional cabling system management can only rely on manual updates to management records, changes to devices and connections are often difficult to reflect in management documents at the first time, resulting in a lot of errors. With the large-scale construction of wiring, the requirement of standardized routing management is becoming higher and higher, the traditional routing management can not meet the requirements of modern cabling construction. At the same time, with the increasingly serious problem of network security, the voice of putting it into the cabling management is getting higher and higher. Intelligent cabling system is born in this context, its characteristics are:

Real time: avoid the time of management delays;

Logic: avoid inefficient management;

Centralization: avoid excessive investment in human resources;

Security: detection of intrusions of illegal equipment.

Electronic patch panel system is a system that connects traditional cabling system with intelligent management. Through the intelligent cabling system, the architecture of the network connection and its changes are automatically transmitted to the system management software, the management system processes the real-time information received, users can know the latest structure of the routing system at any time through the query management system. It can achieve intuitive, real-time and efficient paperless management through the electronic management of all management elements.
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