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Electronic Wiring Frame

The traditional wiring systems can only rely on the manual updating of the management records. Therefore, changes in equipment and connections are often difficult to transfer into the management documents in the first place, resulting in many errors. With the large-scale wiring, requirements for the standardized wiring management are getting higher and higher. The traditional wiring management can no longer meet the requirements of the modern wiring. At the same time, with the increased serious network security issues, the call for electronic wiring to be included in cable management is also increasing. It's against the backdrop that the smart cabling system has emerged. Its characteristics are as follows.

Real-time management: avoid administrative delays;

Logical management: avoid the inefficient management; Concentrated management: avoid excessive input of human resources;

Secure management: detect intrusion of illegal devices.

The electronic wiring frame system is a system that links traditional wiring systems with intelligent management. Through the intelligent wiring system, the network connection strcture and its changes will be automatically transmitted to the system management software. Then the management system will process the received real-time information. The user can get to know the latest structure of the cabling system at any time by checking the management system. Through the electronic management of all management elements, the intuitive, real-time and efficient paperless management can be achieved.
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