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Function OF Patch Panel

Patch panel is the most important component in management subsystem, which is the key to realize the cross connection of vertical trunk line and horizontal routing subsystem. Patch panel is often installed on cabinets or walls. Through the installation of accessories, the Patch panel can meet the needs of UTP, STP, coaxial cable, optical fiber, audio and video all over the line. In network engineering, the usual patch panels are twisted-pair and fiber-optic patch panels.

The role of the optical fiber patch panel is to connect the optical cables in the management subsystem, usually between main patch panel and each sub patch panel.

The function of twisted pair patch panel is to cross-connect twisted pair in management subsystem. There are many types of twisted-pair cabinets, and each manufacturer has its own product line, there are different specifications and models for category three, category five, category super five, category six and category seven types of cables respectively. In the specific project, you should refer to the product manual to configure according to the actual situation.
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