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Functions Of Jumpers

Common jumpers include computer board jumpers, fiber jumpers, and network jumpers.

The jumper is the metal connection wire between the two demand points of PCB. It's used for the transmission of the same potential and voltage, as well as for the reference voltage for circuit protection. Its materials and thickness vary with product designs. Therefore, for products with a precise voltage requirement, a slight decline in voltage in the metal jumper will impose a great impact on the product performance. The fiber jumper is used for connection from devices to fiber cabling links. It has a thick protective layer and is generally used for connecting the optical transceiver with the terminal box and applied in some fields such as the optical fiber communication system, the optical fiber access network, the optical fiber data transmission and the local area network.

The jumper is to adjust the on-and off-relationship, such as determining the ruling-subordiate relationship of the driver and the motherboard voltage, of different electrical signals on the device, so as to changing the working state of the device. Please read the instructions carefully when adjusting the jumper to check its name, the column number, and the on-off relation.
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