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Functuions Of Distribution Frames

The distribution frame is the most important component in the management subsystem and the hub connecting vertical and horizontal wiring of the two subsystems. Distribution frames are usually installed in cabinets or walls. Through the installation of accessories, the distribution frame can meet the needs of UTP, STP, coaxial cable, optical fiber, as well as audio and video. In the network engineering, commonly used distribution frames are the twisted pair-wire distribution frame and optical fiber distribution frame. The function of the optical fiber distribution frame is to connect the optical cables in the management subsystem, usually between the main wiring room and the distribution lines. The role of the twisted pair-wire distribution system is to cross-connect twisted pairs in the management subsystem in the main wiring compartment and the secondary distribution lines. There are many types of twisted-pair distribution frames. Each manufacturer has its own product series with Category 3, Category 5, Super Category 5, Category 6, and Category 7 cables, which are different in specifications and models respectively. In specific projects, please refer to the product manual and conduct distribution according to the actual situations.
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