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The Introduction of Fiber Optic Cable Protection Sleeve

The fiber optic cable protection sleeve is also called fiber optic cable protector and cable protection sleeve, which is made of fiberglass sleeve with high bulkiness and covered by thick iron oxide red silica gel. It can prevent molten iron from splashing and can avoid the damage by high temperature and flame.

The fiber optic cable protection sleeve has advanced combination of three layers: wear-resisting - flame-retardant layer, heat preservation - water and fire isolation layer and fire resisting layer. Even if the first and second layers are burned when using, the third layer can effectively protect and win more time for the next maintenance. And it has excellent extension coefficient. These properties make it suitable for protecting the hoses, cables, and pipelines in harsh environments. The fiber optic cable protection sleeve is able to bear the continuous temperature of 260℃(500℉). It can withstand at the moment of 1650℃(3000℉)for 15-30 seconds; the thermal conductivity is (K-Factor): K=0.610 BTU-in./hr-ft2-℉; the insulation performance (dielectric breakdown voltage): the average value is 15 kV; the minimum value is 10 kV; the maximum value is 40 kV. The features: it against oil, it is waterproof and it can avoid the splashing of molten iron. The biggest advantage of the fiber optic cable protection sleeve is that when installing thermal protection sleeve, there is no need to disable the equipment or remove hoses and cables. Another advantage is that it can be installed at the factory site to ensure proper consistency and structural integrity.
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