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Main Functions And Materials Of The Panel

The main function of the panel is to fix the module, protect the cable at the exit of the information, and play a role similar to the screen. The information panel is not the main product component that affects the performance of the wiring system, but one of the few exposed products in the entire wiring system. At present, people's definition of quality in the living environment gradually shifts from the spatial size to the details of living environment products. A good information panel, in the case of satisfying its function, must be fully dissolved in the surrounding environment and have a dynamic and fashionable appearance. Living and office environments create distinctive decorative effects.

At present, the material for making panels is mainly PC, ABS and other materials. PC material, namely polycarbonate resin, is a main engineering plastic material, which has the characteristics of impact resistance and uneasy deformation and is mainly used in the electric, construction, packaging and other industries. Most current large-current switch panels are made of this material.

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