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Network Jumpers

The network jumpers can be divided into super five unshielding/ shielding jumpers, six unshielding/ shielding jumpers, and super six shielding jumpers.

The function of network jumpers lies in connecting the distribution frame with the exchange equipment, as well as the modules and the computer host.

Materials: stranded copper wires plus the sheath plus the crystal head

Specifications of network jumpers:
The super five unshielding jumper: 24 AGW; The six unshielding jumper: 24AWG; The five shielding jumper: 16AWG; The six shielding jumper: 16AWG

The importance of network jumper strands:
One important performance of the jumper is bending. Since the UTP twisted pair-wire is generally solid, it's poor in bending manageability, embodied in two aspects. First, the cable is hard and uneasy to bend. Secondly, if the solid cable is bent, there will be a very obvious return loss, resulting in the degradation of the cable performance. Therefore, the multi-strand core in the standard network jumper works.
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