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Network Patch Cord

Network patch cord can be classified into: super category five, unshielded / shielded jumpers, category six unshielded / shielded patch cord, and super category six shielded patch cord.

The function of network patch cord: it consists of connecting the distribution frame and switching equipment, modules, computer mainframe and other materials: multi-strand copper sheath crystal head.

Wire gauges used for network patch cord:

Super category five unshielded: 24AGW, category six unshielded: 24AGW, super category five shielded patch cord: 16AWG, category six shielded patch cord: 16AWG

The importance of multi-strands in network patch cord:

For patch cord, one of the most important properties is the performance problem in bending, UTP twisted-pair wires are generally solid core, so they have poor manageability, the main performance is: first, the cable is relatively hard, which is not conducive to bending. Second, when the cable is bent, it will have a very obvious return loss, which will lead to the deterioration of the performance of the cable, so the standard network patch cord
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