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Optical Fiber Distribution Frame

An optical fiber distribution frame is a component for accommodating optical fibers and performing fiber movement switching. It's mainly used for fixing and storing optical fibers, terminating optical fibers, and installing optical fiber couplers. It can also protect optical fiber connectors from damage. In general, it's a protective device.

Fiber optic distribution frames on the market, like many other products, have commons and differences in shapes and sizes. Each manufacturer has its own unique style and main features. For selecting an optical distribution frame, their first factor to consider is whether it's mounted on a wall or a rack, and used for a horizontal system, a backbone network, or a centralized type.

Optical fiber distribution frames are generally installed in wiring closets and may also be mounted directly on the wall for small installations. If the patch panel is used in a horizontal system, its density will be relatively high. The centralized fiber optic cabling technology can form backbone or horizontal channels in the building, pulled, interconnected or gathered from the work area. The cable to the center distributor can produce this kind of channel. When used in horizontal systems or centralized cabling, the optical fiber can be a dual mode fiber or a four mode fiber cable. The backbone fiber can be multi-mode, single-mode or hybrid fiber, and, which are typically connected with connectors to supplement the network hardware.
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