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Single-level Jumper And Channel-level Jumper

Differences between the single-level jumper and channel-level jumper:

The difference value between the two jumpers in test parameters including the return loss and near-end crosstalk is over 5 dB  at high frequencies (≧16 MHz). The higher the frequency is, the greater the difference value will become.

Test differences:

Near-end crosstalk and return loss are labelled as "one-way", which means that when single-level jumpers are testing jumpers, a Fluke single-level test adapter is a must. The device only tests the performance parameters of the crystal head connected to the host. Therefore, to verify a qualified jumper or to determine whether a jumper is qualified, it takes two tests. The modules in the Fluke jumper test adapter have a service life. Under normal circumstances, they need to be replaced with new ones after 10,000 times of use. This explains why the single jumper is much more expensive than the channel jumper.

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