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The Function Of Patch Cord

The common patch cords are computer card patch cord, optical fiber patch cord, network patch cord and so on.

The patch cord is a metal connection that connects two points of demand to a circuit board (PCB), which is equal potential voltage transmission. There is also a reference voltage for the protection circuit, which is different due to product design; material for its patch cord, the thickness is not the same. So for those with precise voltage requirements, the voltage drop caused by a little metal patch cord will also have a great impact on the performance of the product. Optical fiber patch cords are used for hopping from equipment to optical fiber wiring links. There is a thick protective layer, commonly used in connection between the optical terminal and the terminal box, it is used in optical fiber communication system, optical fiber access network, optical fiber data transmission and local area network,etc.

The function of patch cord is to adjust the on-off relationship of different electrical signals on the device, and then adjust the working state of the equipment, such as determining the motherboard voltage , the master - slave relationship of the driver, etc. Be sure to read the instructions carefully when adjusting the patch cord, check the name of the patch cord, the serial number of the patch cord column and the on-off relationship.
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