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The Model Selection Of Fiber Optic Box

In recent years, in the actual work of the construction of optical communication, through the comparison of the usage of several products, we think that we should focus on the following aspects when making a model selection of fiber optic box.

1. Core Capacity

A fiber optical box should make the fiber cable with the largest number of cores on the shelf. In the possible case, we can use the cables in one frame, which have much more connections with each other. This can help facilitate the distribution of the optical path. At the same time, the capacity of the distributing frame should correspond to the series of general optical cable cores. Only do that, can the waste of the fiber optic box capacity be reduced or avoided due to improper collocation when using.

2. Functional Categories

Fiber optical box is the terminal equipment of optical cable line. It has 4 basic functions.

① Fixed function. After fiber optic cable enters the frame of the machine, the worker will fix the outer sheath and the core mechanically, install the protective part of the ground wire, carry out the end protection, and divide the fiber optic into groups and protect it.

② Capacitive function. After the fiber optic cable is connected to the tail cable, the worker will coil and store the excess fiber optic, and protect the weld joint.

③ Allocation function. Make the connector of the tail cable inserted onto the adapter to achieve the light path connection with the optical connector on the other side of the adapter. Adapters and connectors should be inserted and removed flexibly; the light path can be allocated and tested freely.

④ Storage function. It provides storage for all kinds of the cross-connected optic line among the machine frames so that they can be placed orderly and neatly. There should be appropriate space and mode in the optical fiber box, which will make the optic connecting line more clear. It will also be easier to adjust, which can meet the minimum bending radius requirements.

With the development of fiber optic network, the existing functions of fiber optic box cannot meet many new requirements. Some manufacturers add some fiber-optic network components to the fiber optic box directly, such as the splitter, wavelength division multiplexer, and optic switch. In this way, even if these components are conveniently applied to the network, the function and flexibility of the optical fiber box will be increased.
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