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Types Of Patch Panel

Modular Patch Panel
Modular patch panel is the most commonly used patch pane, the front panel of the patch panel is the RJ45 interface. And all the interfaces are marked with numbers, so that they can be identified easily; On the back panel is the wiring module, and show T568A and T568B line order standard, we need to use the wire tongs to line up the network according to the order.

Clamped patch panel
Clamped patch panel is also relatively more used in many projects at present,there are 1U(24) and 2 U (48) sizes. This patch panel has been installed with the clamped module when it leaves the factory. So the front and back boards are all RJ45 interfaces, and a digital mark is also arranged on the front panel so as to identify each port conveniently. Clamped patch panel is much faster and more convenient to use than a modular patch panel, it is suitable for high density cabling application because it can be inserted directly into the crystal head.

Electronic patch panel
Because of the relatively high cost, the electronic patch panel is currently used less in the project. Electronic patch panel is convenient for network maintainers to analyze and form data by detecting circuit, it can solve the network Line questions quickly. The wiring mode of patch panel is the same as that of clamped patch panel, just plug in the crystal head. There are two types of detection in electronic patch panel, one is port detection and the other is link detection, different monitoring methods use different network patch cord, depending on the equipment manufacturer's decision.
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