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Types Of Wiring Frames

Modular wiring frame
The modular wiring frame is the most commonly seen and used. Its front panel is an RJ45 interface, each labelled with a number for easy identification. Its rear panel is a wire module, represented by T568A and T568B line sequence standards. Therefore, we need to use the wire pliers to put cables in order by ourselves.

Card-connecting wiring frame
The card-connecting wiring frame is now commonly used in many projects and has 1U (24 ports) and 2U (48 ports) in size. This kind of wiring frame has been installed with the card-connecting module at the factory, so the front and rear panels are all RJ45 connectors. The front panel also has a digital mark for identification at each port. The card-connecting panel is much quicker and more convenient to use than the modular wiring frame. Users can use  it after wrapping the cable with the crystal plug. It's very suitable for high-density wiring.

Electronic wiring frame
Because of its relatively high cost, it's less commonly used in the projects at present. The electronic wiring frame can analyze and form data through detecting wires, which brings convenience to the network maintenance personnel that they can quickly solve the network wiring problems. The connection mode of the wiring frame is the same as that of the card-connecting. Users can use it after wrapping the cable with the crystal plug. There are two kinds of detection modes for the electronic wiring frame, namely, the port detection type and the link detection type. The network jumpers used in different monitoring ways are different and decided by the equipment manufacturers.

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