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The Training in factory Ningbo Proves a Great Success

With the help and support of our corporate leaders we six flesh employees from different departments started the training in our factory Ningbo From Oct 16.More than 20 days?? training help us to obtain many kinds of practical skills and useful knowledge including product technology standards, quotation skills, QC, fluke testing ways, etc. which will put us in a beneficial position in the future job markets.

Training is the best welfare. Compare to the last two training plan, the present term show more changes: teaching materials have wide-ranging contents, qualified teachers are backbone of our company and the training time is more flexible. A delightful surprise is all of us gain high marks as a result of testing.

Now we have come back to Shenzhen business center, and we are confident that we could apply ourselves earnestly to tasks. We believe we could add value to our business through our skills in putting together partnerships, finance and marketing arrangements. Hope our company gain more cooperation opportunities from all over the world.

It is in view of the successful testing result and the effective practice that more activities are planned for the next step.
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