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OA System---A Giant boost in Sur-link Development

Sur-link has been consistently adhering to the use of information technology to enhance the enterprise management. At present, the whole group starts to work under OA system, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

In order to make sure of OA normal operation, Sur-link Group assign experts to maintain the network process, regular check for servers, lines, switches and related equipments so that they can get feedback and operation questions from the ender users. The application of OA helps to realize the administration management, office resource management, multi sectors on one server, issue approval and news publication & transmitting. The system reflects the policy of ?°people oriented, dynamic domination, transparent operation?±, which largely save the management cost and strengthen the communication between the group and branches.

OA system simplifies the tedious repetition of traditional communication method, and enhance the internal information spread and propagation through network. This application greatly improve the work efficiency and save lots of time, labor and energy.

The application of OA indicates that Sur-link step forward for enterprise construction and modernization, which improve the whole group work efficiency and brings power for branches. It helps to speed up the pace of enterprise management, and will finally push Sur-link group to play active role in the rapid development.
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