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Connector Fiber Optic SL01FA9108
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Connector Fiber Optic SL01FA9108

Connector Fiber Optic SL01FA9108 Product model:


Connector Fiber Optic SL01FA9108 Description:

FO Connector FC/APC type Single mode, Simplex

Connector Fiber Optic SL01FA9108 SPECIFICATIONS:
1.  Material: zirconia (ZrO2) ferrule
2.  Insertion loss: SM<0.3dB, MM<0.5dB
3.  Return loss: PC>45db, UPC>55dB,APC>65dB
4.  Service life: >1000 times
5.  Temperature range: -40℃~70℃

Connector Fiber Optic SL01FA9108 FEATURES:
1.  Single mode, multimode available
2.  All connectors with dust cap
3.  Compliant with RoHS requirement

Connector Fiber Optic SL01FA9108 APPLICATION:
1.  Telecommunication
2.  CATV
3.  LAN (including FITL, FTTH, and FTTD)
4.  Data network

Connector Fiber Optic SL01FA9108 ORDERING INFORMATION:

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FO Connector FC/APC type Single mode , Simplex




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