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Ferrules and Sleeves

The ferrule is the most important component of Fiber Connectors and Fiber Patch cord.
It could be made of different materials, such as plastics, stainless steel, and ceramic (Zirconia). Most of the ferrules used in optical connectors are made of ceramic (Zirconia) material due to some of the desirable properties they possess. Ceramic Ferrule includes low insertion loss required for optical transmission, remarkable strength, small elasticity coefficient, easy control of product characteristics, and strong resistance to changes in environmental conditions.

Sur-link Optics have a variety of ferrules to terminate your own fibers. These ferrules are available in a range of outer diameters, hole sizes, lengths, and materials, making them usable for many different applications. The different materials are used for different applications.

Ceramic Split sleeves and Solid ceramic sleeves.
Ceramic Split sleeves are to hold ferrules in place firmly and to enable a stable connection with Fiber Connectors. Solid ceramic sleeves (precision sleeves) are often used for connecting optical modules. Ceramic sleeves (zirconia sleeve) are mostly used in Fiber Adapter for the main purpose of connecting and aligning two inserted Ceramic Ferrules together.

Moreover, the solid ceramic sleeve requires a more accurate inner diameter process than the Ceramic split sleeve. Ceramic Split sleeves are used in Adapters and other fiber optic components for fiber alignment to get minimal insertion loss of the transmitted light signal.
  • Ferrule Cable SL02FSPS1Z01

    Description: Ceramic FerrulesFerrules:Our Fiber Optic Ferrules are available in single mode, multimode types, We also offer step and cone tipped fiber optic ferrules. These ferrules are highly precise...

  • Ferrule Cable SL02SLPS1Z01

    Description: LC Ceramic SleeveLC Ceramic SleeveDescription:Outer Diameter:∮1.62±0.01mmInner Diameter:∮1.25±0.002mmLength: 6.8±0.1mmPull Force: 1-3NInsertion Loss:<0.2DBService Life:>1000TimesTemperature Range:...

  • Ferrule Cable SL02SSPS1Z01

    Description: SC Ceramic SleeveSC Ceramic SleeveDescription:Outer Diameter:∮3.2±0.01mmInner Diameter:∮2.49±0.002mmLength: 611.4±0.1mmPull Force: 2-6NInsertion Loss:<0.2DBService Life:>1000TimesTemperature Range...