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Fiber Test Equipment SL0803AB01
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Fiber Test Equipment SL0803AB01

Fiber Test Equipment SL0803AB01 Product model:


Fiber Test Equipment SL0803AB01 Description:

Connector Curing Oven

1. The summary

The curing oven suits to the fiber optic connector manufacturer used to heat and solidify each kind of optical fiber attachment, such as FC、SC、LC、MU、ST (Normally the temperature is
100℃ to 110℃), especially for MT、MPO connector. Can solidify 100 ferrules or 42 connectors one time; Used the Japan electronic component control, the temperature control is stable. The temperature control appliance has the self-regulating (PID) function, the temperature can be set freely, the precision of temperature control is possible to reach 1℃.

2. Performance characteristic
Designed especially according to the fiber optic connector, avoids the question of breaking the fiber, pulling the fiber, examining not convenient and so on. The free hypothesis datum temperature, the humidity automatic control, the controllable temperature is 0℃~300℃, the precision of temperature control is possible to reach 1℃; Heating time adjustable.
Two kinds of control patterns can be chosen
A, To heat up the pattern continuously
The longtime heats up continuously, maintaining a constant temperature, power source master switch control.
B, Fixed time reports to the police the pattern
Fixed time the buzzing reports, maintenance heating.

3. Technical parameter:
Working voltage: AC220V
Operating frequency: 50~60HZ
Output: 800W
Temperature range: 0℃~300℃
Heating time: 99.99 hours adjustable
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