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Protective Unit

The protective unit(also called protection unit) installed on the main distribution frame in the communication field is charged with protecting communication equipment from over-voltage and current damage. The security unit is a device that is inserted in the security line of the main distribution frame (MDF) to prevent the personal and equipment from being damaged by excessive voltage and current. The so-called over-voltage, over-current, is the external voltage and current of the current device that exceeds the normal working voltage and current of the device. The security unit is developed with the progress of over-voltage and current protection devices.

We provide a quality range of Line Protection Units that protects Telephone Exchange and line circuits against lighting, over voltage and 230 volts mains power contract. Our units are a self-resetting, solid state protection module, which comprises 10 line protection circuits per unit. Moreover, these are also available in various specifications in order to fulfill diverse requirements of Telecommunication Industry.

Under the guidance of the business philosophy "Professional, Concentrative and Dedicated", Sur-link continuously strives to create customized solutions for various demands and become the top manufacturer of structured cabling products in the world.