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Qualification Assurance System

Quality Standards
In the quality management system, the hyperlink group insists on "Quality First" and "prevention first" guiding ideology, in accordance with total quality management approach to production and operation; Group in December 2001 passed the ISO 9001: 2000 quality system certification in 2002 and 2004, has passed the CE, UL, ETL and other international authoritative certification; the same time, according to IEC / EIA and GB / T 50311-2000 standards for design and production, the implementation of production defect management, to ensure the qualified products into the market.

15 years of product and application vendors to ensure.
Cabling system for all products certified raw materials and manufacturing processes meet the relevant national standards.
Full product training support system.
Certified cabling system link / channel consistent with the corresponding international standard certification system performance index category.
Ultra-performance cabling systems to support joint.
Hyperlink system application meets or any of the well-known standards-based organizations and users to discuss standardization in the future will determine the introduction of the application / agreement, consistent with IEEE, ANSI and other standards bodies recognized by ATM, you can GB / T 50311-2000, or EIA / TIA568A, ISO IEC 11801, ANZC8080 one of the categories defined in the standard transmission wiring application / protocol. Hyperlink cabling system performance to support the following:

1. super-five system
Support the bandwidth of higher than 100MHz, 100MHz reached the limits of international standard requirements; overall link performance, good stability, high transfer rate. From the twisted pair to the patch panel, from the work area outlet to the molding jumper, a permanent link to the system from the channel, hyperlink over five systems are in line and well over TIA/EIA568A/B standards.
2. six types of system
Support the bandwidth is higher than 250MHz, to reach the international standard specifies the qualification 250MHz; with a transfer rate of a high return loss is small, crosstalk interference is small, the value of small-and anti-noise ratio better attenuation performance. From the twisted pair to the patch panel, from the work area outlet to the molding jumper, from the permanent link to the system channel, hyperlink Cat 6 systems comply with TIA/EIA568A/B standards.
3. fiber-optic system
Fiber diameter thin, light weight, small size, anti-interference ability, high information content, confidentiality, good, no relay segment
Long distance, and has a high transmission speed and high bandwidth features.