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Strengthen R&D Ability, Broaden Worldwide OEM

Under the guidance of the business philosophy ?°Professional, Concentrative and Dedicated?±, Sur-Link continuously strives to create customized solutions for all our customers. Until now, we have started OEM cooperation with many famous brands all over the world.

1Strengthen R&D Ability, Broaden Worldwide OEM

We will express our great appreciation to all our customers through our best quality, perfect service and competitive price. As new designs and new products are the most important to all enterprises, it??s the new life and new chance of each company; we must strengthen our new products?? designing ability. And in order to meet the increasing requirements of the international market, we will pay more attention to the product??s quality, novelty and practicality. So we are planning to establish a new R&D department in our International Business Center locates in Shen Zhen China. Now we welcome all professionals to join us as our reinforcement, making our great effort to cooperate with more world famous OEM brands.

2Strengthen R&D Ability, Broaden Worldwide OEM

?°Strengthen R&D ability, Broaden worldwide OEM?± is our goal of 2008; we believe that will bring another bigger success to Sur-Link.
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