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Sur-Link Participanted Dexcom 2008

From November 22th to November 26th, Dexcom2008 was holding in Teheran of Iran. There were 41 halls arranged in this Fair, which were attracted by 840 famous Communication exhibitors and 100 000 visitors comes from the whole world, As one of leading manufacturer of cable assembly, fiber optic and Telecommunication products in China, Sur-Link and it??s agent in Iran showed their updated highest quality products during exhibition time, lots of companies of Mideast were interested in Sur-Link??s products, and satisfied with the service from Sur-link??s agent in Iran.

Go though Vietnam Telecomp, more and more buyers from Mideast were familiar with the brand of Sur-Link, we hope our agent??s growth will be better and better under Sur-link??s support, meanwhile, we hope much more buyers will be interested to be our agent in the future.

1Sur-Link Participanted Dexcom 2008
2Sur-Link Participanted Dexcom 2008

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