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SUR-LINK Singapore Regional Deputy JASION successful exhibitors CommunicAsia2010

June 15, 2010, a four-day Asia's largest information and communication technology industry exhibition opened at the Singapore Expo, as a famous Chinese cabling manufacturers, hyperlink technology - Singapore Regional Deputy JASION successfully participated in the exhibition.

CommunicAsia2010, Southeast Asia and South Asia is the most influential and largest professional high level of professional information and communication exhibition, this exhibition has a total area of 58,000 square meters, from the United States, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, France, Australia, Sri Lanka, 2,000 in 36 countries, multinational companies and SMEs. The exhibition displayed products include mobile communication devices, telematics and navigation systems, broadcast, wireless and satellite communications, telecommunications and network services, fixed network communication systems, network components, network computer software.

D-LINK, TOTEN and other famous brands in the local agents also participated in this exhibition. Hyperlink technology of the products on display and LED products 6A, popular view of developing countries in the favor of customers, after the exhibition, said they were very willing to further negotiate and cooperate with us. Singapore's successful participation in this regional agency, once again proved that the integrated wiring and LED industry, the good prospects, but also a hyperlink to further secure the company's strong confidence in expanding the international market!

The show not only enhanced hyperlink brand influence in Singapore, and deepened cooperation between agents, so that we become more confident in the Singapore market!

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SUR-LINK Singapore Regional Deputy2
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