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The Global Fiber Optic Equipment Sales Amount Of 2007

Lately Infonetics Research reported that the global fiber optic equipment sales amount of 2007 was up to 13.9 billions dollars. Hereinto, 86% purchase amount came from service providers, compare to TV operators and ICP, Telecom and Mobile operators takes bigger share although the TV operators and ICP are increasing much quickly, and remain parts came from Government, Financial, Public Enterprise, Education, Research etc separately.

In the last year, the areas of fiber optic equipment market were unbalance. 36% market was held by EMEA, 34% by North America, 25% by Asia-pacific, and other area only took 5% shares.

Infonetics reported that the money the global ICP spent on fiber optic equipments was up to 0.204 billion dollars in 2007, the representative companies as Google, YouTube, Myspace. Moreover, the purchase for fiber optic equipment will increase 61% from 2006 to 2011.
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