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The Intimately Contact with Cabling System

After I graduated from my college I have being done the selling work for about 5 years .When I finished the sales work of computer, arts and crafts line ,I am proud of finding a new job in Sur-link Technology ,whose major products are closely related to the cabling system.

Indeed, when I was in Shenyang 3 years ago, I almost enter into another cabling company from Shenzhen after 2 rounds of interviews.

Unfortunately, I lost that opportunity because of that company's recruitment plan cancellation. But from that time I became to pay more attention to this cabling line. I became to know what are copper cable, patch panel, connector, etc.

Anyway, I started my new job in Shenzhen in 2003 without any experiences and relatives. I must rely on myself so that I can??t drop behind. I became a lowclass sales to sell the arts and crafts from 2003 to 2006. I tried my best to obtain knowledge especially the marketing skills and I must confess I gained more in the three years, which is helpful for my later job in Sur-link Technology.

Although I have no any ideas in this communication line, I know I must work hard to acquire a good knowledge of our products, including the technical parameters of any products.

From the end of 2006, I have been a domestic sales in Sur-Link. I make great efforts to absorb new knowledge and improve the selling skills. What is called module? What is called twisted-pair and where to use? What the relationship between patch panel and module? I really do not know! I had so many doubts of our products and fell puzzled. What shall I do? No shortcut I know! I disassembled the Components and studied them carefully piece by piece, in that way I finally understand what is named Permanent Link, Communication Channel, Test Standard, etc. At the same time I must thank for our company to give us many training opportunities especially to participate the site visits in factory and learn more from production line. Any difficulties I meet I will try to conquer them, except for asking others I also attend the professional training and fairs in structured cabling system line.

Hard work pays off. I do my best to make friends with our customers and give them the accurate recommendations. At the end, I win their trust and even the orders. The cooperation with our customers is deeper and deeper.

Do you have passion in Cabling System? I could tell you I have and I am also confident to do my job well. But I do know the experience and knowledge what I have are limited. There are so many things for us to strengthen and consolidate. I believe, with the help of yours, I could do better, and so do you.
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