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The USA Siemon Test about Low Cost Components Of Optical Fiber

The USA Siemon Test Proves That Low Cost of components of Optical Fiber Will Cause High Speed Network Performance Risk.

The USA Siemon Company, is the world's leading network infrastructure expert, the headquarter of which is located in the water city of Connecticut. This company recently has released comprehensive performance test results for a variety of plug and play optical fiber components in 40/100 G application. The latest white paper, The Detailed Interpretation Of Plug And Play MPO/MTP Components, summarized the results of the test. It also revealed clearly that low-cost ordinary components supplied by unknown vendors will reduce the performance of the high-speed fiber network connections.

The Siemon laboratory evaluated the multimode MPO/MTP optical fiber components from Siemon and other four low-cost suppliers, all of which were obtained from the standard distribution channels and were randomly selected. Each component of MPO/MTP optical fiber is tested on the geometry, cleanliness, optical and mechanical properties according to the TIA and IEC standard specifications.

"The Internet of things (IoT) and Big Data promote the demand for higher bandwidth, thus driving a growing number of data centers to use the pre-plug and play MPO/MTP optical fiber components for increasing the transmission speed of fiber connections to 40/100 G/s. So we can see that the overall ability of these components has become particularly important," the application engineer of Siemon Optical Fiber Company, Mike Corke said, "However, unfortunately, not all of the MPO/MTP components have the same performance. The data center manager should notice that the selection of low-quality components can save part of the cost, but it will bring risks to key network performance."

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