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Xiao Mei Sha Outward Development

On October 26th, 2009, the staff of Surlink Group in Shenzhen area attended the Xiao Mei Sha Outward Development under administration Dept??s organization, which is for celebrating Middle Autumn day and National day in October.

Go through 50 minutes?? running on the express way by traveling bus, we arrived the base on 8:30 AM. There were three teams founded under coach??s requirement, who were FlyingTiger Team, Super Star Team, and Glassy Sword Team. In the coming whole day time, these three teams would compete or cooperate together in the following games.

In the limited 1 day- time, all of staff tasted the activities the Broken Bridge, Sky Steel, graduate wall, etc. From these games we are not only shared happiness, but also feel more thing which is out of our expectations, just as the coach said, everyone is No. 1, nothing is impossible, be confident with you can beyond everything. Further more, everybody gained one successful class of Unity and cooperation, which is very significant for the coming work, as well as the Surlink Group??s development.
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